As parents we see tons of baby products everywhere stating how safe and natural their products are. Why is that you wonder? This is because while the skin of our little ones are mostly smooth and soft at this age, their skin is very delicate and sensitive.

Hence, simple things like the weather can have an effect on the skin of our little ones. Especially in a country like Malaysia where the climate is hot and humid more often than not, making our little ones more prone to sweating and rashes. Other factors like dehydration, prolonged exposure to sun and most commonly, harsh chemical-based body wash and shampoos that strip away the moisture from their skin making their skin dry and flaky.

Due to the fact that their skin is much more sensitive compared to ours, it is of utmost importance that we, their parents and guardians take extra measures to ensure what we use for our little ones is the best for them! This is why choosing a product with ingredients that are natural and safe is important and something we should look into.

Carrie Junior products are enhanced with Fruito-E which are rich in vitamins and nutrients. This is good because Fruito-E actually helps to provide and restore moisture on skin which then gives the skin a natural glow! This means that it helps to restore skin’s moisture and provides a natural glow. With that being said, it is important to check on the ingredients and what the product is formulated with before using it on our little ones precious skin.

All Rights Reserved 2019. Wipro Unza Holdings Ltd.


All Rights Reserved 2019. Wipro Unza Holdings Ltd.